R2B Research to Business

R2B – Research to Business is the International Exhibition on Industrial Research and Skills for Innovation promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy) and managed by ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory, the Consortium born to foster the sustainable growth, innovation and knowledge, attractiveness and internationalisation of the region.

Since 2005, R2B gathers in Italy new ideas and knowledge coming from the wide international innovation community, offering to companies, innovators and citizens a wide range of tools, topics and services to stimulate growth and competitiveness.

In the current scenario, R2B OnAir edition is an ideal platform where to design and launch new programmes and ideas, including  public policies and measures; an opportunity to think about new models for the post-Covid-19 society, in terms of economic development, growth, social inclusion, sustainability, security and digital transition for all.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Technologies, Inventions, Innovations (industry 78)


Technologies, Innovations, Inventions, Research and Development

ACCESS: Trade visitors


June 2023

Interval: annually


ASTERS S. Cons. p. A. c/o CNR Area della Ricerca di Bologna & Smau Servizi srl.