Road2Tunnel (formerly Roads, Bridges and Tunnels Fair)

Inspired by the spurt of mega transportation projects that marked the recent years in this country and believing that the accumulation of knowledge through these advancements will yield benefits at global scale, International Roads, Bridges and Tunnels Fair has aimed and achieved to become an international trade platform since they organized the first fair in 2016.

The Fair, under the `Road2Tunnel` brand, has become a reflection of the latest advancements in our country at global scale and a reputable event where the dynamics of the industry are closely followed and robust cooperation relations for future projects are established through bilateral meetings between companies. The event has achieved to become an industry fair closely followed and hotly anticipated by the international community.

Having hosted 23.000 industry professionals and 550 companies from 50 participant countries, the fair and all its shareholders invites you to Fuar İzmir, to the 5th International Roads, Bridges and Tunnels Fair between 15-17 September 2022 to meet industry dynamics, innovations, and professionals.

Industry sector: Construction Technology, Materials and Equipment, Interior Fittings (industry 09)
Main product group: Civil Engineering, Underground Engineering and Construction, Road Construction, Bridge Construction, Tunnel Construction, Earthmoving Machines, Transport Vehicles, Drilling Technology, Insulation Technology, Road Construction Machinery, Street Lighting, Signalling Systems, Chemical Auxiliaries for the Building Industry, Security Systems
Access: Trade visitors



October 2023

Interval: annually


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