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With RSA Conference, there’s always more to C.

For 31 years, RSA Conference has been a driving force behind the world’s cybersecurity agenda. And over that time, we’ve seen the need to expand our mission beyond yearly Conferences. Because cyberthreats are constantly evolving, and we as a community must continue to evolve, too.

Today, RSA Conference is your ongoing source for timely insights, thoughtful interactions, and actionable intelligence. All designed to help cybersecurity professionals continually strengthen their organizations and push their careers further.

RSA Conference is here to help you build your learning, find smarter solutions, and connect with the community. Join the conversation today. Join RSA Conference, where the world talks security.

RSAC Events

Our conference brings together thousands of professionals, practitioners, vendors, and associations to discuss issues covering the entire spectrum of cybersecurity. Here, you’ll learn through hundreds of track sessions, explore solutions in the Expo, network with your peers and lots more to keep you on the cutting edge of industry knowledge.

RSAC 365

RSAC 365 cybersecurity learning provides access to an ever-growing library of webcasts, seminars, podcasts, blogs and past Conference presentations available year-round, whenever you need to find information to help do your job. Filter by topic, content type and more, so you can find the information you want quickly and easily.

RSAC Marketplace

RSAC Marketplace offers a single online space to easily search for and connect with cybersecurity vendors, associations and media outlets of all sizes, from around the globe—year-round. The best part is, you can filter by topic or product category to tailor your search to your needs. No more combing through multiple websites!

What does “RSA” stand for in RSA Conference?
RSA Conference began 30 years ago as a user conference for customers of RSA. RSA is an acronym made up of the first letters of the last names of the three co-founders of the company: Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman.

How many years has RSA Conference been held?
The first RSA Conference was held in 1991 and consisted of just one panel discussion. In the ensuing decades, RSAC has grown into a series of events held around the world, annually attracting approximately 50,000 attendees.

What is RSA Conference?
RSA Conference is the premier provider of global events and year-round online cybersecurity content. RSA Conference is where the world talks security, and leadership gathers, advances and emerges. Our mission is to facilitate conversations among the world’s cybersecurity professionals about current and future concerns, ideas and solutions that will help enable individuals and organizations to succeed and grow safely and confidently. Learn more at

Are sessions/keynotes available after RSA Conference?
RSA Conference makes select recordings of keynotes and sessions available for viewing on demand shortly after the conclusion of Conference.
Industry sector:Safety, Disaster Control (industry 72), Information and Communication Technology, Software
Main product group:Net Work, Security Systems, Communication Systems
Access:Trade visitors and general public


The Moscone Center

San Francisco,USA


Interval: annually


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