SAMMLER-Collector – International Fair for Stamps, Coins, Telephone Cards and Minerals

Because collecting is a global phenomenon, many things such as philately, numismatics or antiques and fine arts are also globally tradable. And you can pay with them in times when money has no value, as confirmed by a number of dramatic stories during the wars of the last century. If it is in good condition, it is very likely that there will always be a buyer for it, unlike consumer goods.

The collector must be a visionary and, surprisingly, also a pragmatist. The art of building a valuable collection lies precisely in the ability to recognize what will one day have value. And start collecting it at a time when no one is interested or it is common consumer goods. And when the interest of collectors rises and the price rises to meaningless heights, sell the collection and start collecting something else.

If I want to build a valuable collection, it is essential to study the issues I want to address thoroughly and continuously. Watch the media in the area, read the literature, watch the auction market, go to exhibitions, attend thematically related fairs.

At the trade fair, you can evaluate your own collections by independent experts from the Czech philatelic union, Czech Numismatic Association and Museum of securities.

women for free!
young people under 18 free
one - day 100 CZK
for traders CZK 500

Industry sector: Leisure, Hobby, DIY (industry 31)
Main product group: Stamps, Coins, Phonecards, Minerals
Access: Trade visitors,private visitors are allowed on special days/times


March 2023

September 2023

Interval: two times annually


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