SATIS-Professional Exhibition for Live Entertainment & Events

SATIS, the french major event for audiovisual technologies, becomes SATIS TV for its 2020 edition and thus offers the 1st french speaking event channel dedicated to the sector.

SATIS, a major meeting place for audiovisual technologies, launched SATIS TV during its 2020 edition and thus offered the 1st event channel dedicated to the sector.

“ In this particular period, the audiovisual, cinema and entertainment industry has been put to the test, which has forced us to reinvent ourselves. We therefore initiated the SATIS TV project, a channel made up of original content, such as expert sets, talks, happy hour... Programs in line with the demands of professionals " mentions Stephan Faudeux, director of the show before adding... “ As Claude Lelouch recalled, to whom the SATIS awarded an honorary trophy last year Constraint appeals to the imagination! ".

Since its creation 39 years ago, the base of the meeting has been based on highlighting experiences, exchanges of information, presentations and demonstrations... Ingredients that we find every day on the TV channels. traditional TV, so the idea germinated: why not consider a thematic channel with a program schedule that reflects the variety of our issues while taking advantage of the technologies that our exhibitors? “, explains the director of SATIS.
The concept quickly received a favorable response, especially since with the convergence of video and IT, the community has many high-performance products and services to present and new uses to demonstrate...

Industry sector: Photography, Film (Technology, Licences), Broadcasting and Television Technology (industry 30)
Main product group: Sound Technology, Lighting Technology, Installations for Theatre Stages, Event-Marketing, Events, Film Technology, Picture Technology, Cinema Equipment, Broadcast Technology, Multimedia
Access: Trade visitors



November 2023

Interval: annually


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