Secours Expo

Secours Expo is THE annual meeting point for all the protagonists from the rescue services. You may be a doctor, a nurse, a rescuer, an ambulance driver, a firefighter, a student or simply being passionate with the medical field, Secours Expo will meet with your expectations.

The show is organized by professionals accustomed to medical care and aims to offer a global overview on medical care and emergency rescue. The victim is the main topic of the show. Secours Expo gathers several uniforms, careers, nationalities and experiences which all blend together to communicate, inform, discover and share.

Since 2015, Secours Expo is the only meeting of all the actors of first aid, emergency care and prevention. Thanks to many privileged partnerships, Secours Expo benefits from economic, political and media benefits.

From 10 to 12 march 2022, take advantage of this gathering to highlight your know-how and expertise.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Safety, Disaster Control (industry 72)


Emergency Services, Rescue Equipment, Emergency Appliances, Rescue Vehicles, Helicopters, Communication Technology, Disaster Control, Fire Prevention, Security Systems

10-12 March 2022

Interval: annually