SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing Expo

Annual International Conference and Exhibition on Sensing, Imaging, and Infrared Technologies

Featuring mission-critical sensing innovation from the commercial sector.

We look forward to safely gathering 30 April-4 May 2023 in Orlando, Florida for SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing, the most important event for learning about sensing technologies being rapidly acquired and deployed within public, security, and government applications. The 2023 call for papers is now open, and we encourage researchers and engineers to contribute advancements in sensors, infrared, laser systems, spectral imaging, radar, lidar, autonomous systems, and other findings with the community.

SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing technical conferences

Cutting-edge topics in sensors, infrared, laser systems, spectral imaging, radar, lidar, and autonomous systems.

Materials and devices

Papers that showcase IR materials, image sensors, photon counting, energy harvesting, and quantum technologies. The applications include wearables, cybersecurity, information processing, energy storage, and drones.

Imaging and analytics

Papers on spectral imaging, computational image processing, metrology, and 3D imaging. Papers include applications in security and defense, climate monitoring, big data, deep learning, machine vision, target detection, and tracking.

Advanced sensing and imaging

Research on fiber optic sensors, radar, laser radar, IR technologies and thermal imaging. Applications include security, structural sensing and health monitoring, non-destructive inspection, tracking, and ranging.

Next-generation sensor systems and applications

Papers that highlight cutting-edge research focused on emerging technologies for specific applications such as autonomous systems, CBRNE, agriculture and food safety, CPS/IoT, and more.

Connect with this important audience

SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2023 Exhibition is the most important sensing, imaging, and photonics show for defense and security communities. Attendees are interested in the latest optical components, photonic sensors, infrared technologies, laser systems, imaging, robotics, fiber optics, cameras, and more.

The expo is the leading exchange for professionals coming together to find new products and make important business connections. For exhibitors, a week of technical presentations, courses, and special events offer opportunities for connecting with potential customers. Participating companies will be able to share their offerings, provide product demonstrations, and create important interactions.

SPIE Mission: SPIE partners with researchers, educators, and industry to advance light-based research and technologies for the betterment of the human condition.

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Industry sector:Safety, Disaster Control (industry 72), Technical Optics, Laser Technology
Main product group:Optoelectronics, Navigation Technology, Laser optics, Infra-Red-Systems, Displays (LED and LCD), Nanotechnology, Robotics
Access:Trade visitors


Interval: annually at different venues


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