sport.aktiv-Die Sport-& Outdoormesse

Sport Aktiv presents the opportunity for a huge percentage of the population to get attracted to walking, jogging and running and in the process, more and more people are buying running shoes and so this event is expected to pull a lot of crowd this year too. Both professional and amateur athletes will participate in this event.

From acrobatics to yoga.

Experience new, innovative and trendy things for sport and lifestyle at Thuringia's largest sporting event.

Whether personal preference for one, two or even four wheels - every visitor will find something suitable at "sport.aktiv".

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Sporting Goods (industry 74), Leisure, Hobby, DIY (industry 31)


Apparel (Garment), quad bikes, Wheels, Sun-glasses, sport, Sports Glasses, Sports Medicine, Sports Shoes, Water Sports Articles, Accessories for two-wheeled Vehicles, Bicycles, fitness, Fitness Apparatus, Leisure, Leisure Wear, Innovations, Sport Nutrition, Sporting Goods, Training Facilities, Winter sports articles

ACCESS: General public

Interval: annually


Messe Erfurt GmbH