While 2020 is a singular year for ST-ART, in this unprecedented context we want this 25th edition to be more than ever a platform that fosters the outreach of visual artists.
Isolated from Others, from Sharing and Encounters, and confronted by our Ephemerality, who better than artists, gallery owners and the arts to bring us back together again. Contemporary creation is vital and will stand as a historical witness to our contemporaneity.
Gallery owners have been severely affected by the impossibility of presenting the work of the artists they defend, and their structures have lacked, or received very little, government support. And yet, against all the odds, they continue to affirm their passion and their commitment to bringing artists into the public eye, for our greatest pleasure.
Owning a gallery is a profession which misguidedly precipitates a multitude of harsh, detrimental clichés, due to the public not being familiar with the true function and role of this highly specific trade. Indeed, gallery-owners are discoverers, producers, backers, diffusers and very often patrons of the arts, for while they are convinced by their choices and the wisdom of collaborating with their young artists, many years of support and investment are required for a new talent to emerge.
When it was founded in 1995, the relevance and long-term existence of an art fair held outside the confines of Paris was deemed by many to be an implausible, and even impossible venture. Driven by the same passion as the gallery owners, ST-ART has swept aside such prejudices to become an unmissable calendar event in contemporary art.
This year, we are particularly delighted to pursue our project and our commitment to contemporary creation and art galleries.


March 2022

Interval: annually

Organiser: Strasbourg événements

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