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Exhibition Stand Design & Construction | SW MESSE

Exhibition Stand Design & Construction

Design and assembly of customized stands: the creative process

The stand designers are essential to carry out an accurate and faultless project, which will be developed perfectly after the production process, moving from the plans to the material reality. Stand builders are as important as them, and stand suppliers, ranging from carpenters, blacksmiths, glaziers, plumbers to other more specific professionals, according to the requirements of each project.
In this process the figure of the Project Manager is essential, who will work as a coordinator of all the agents involved in the creative process and taking the logistic and productive control of the whole project. The knowledge and experience of these professionals will greatly influence the degree of quality of the result, therefore, specific training, knowledge of operations and work processes, experience and solving ability are decisive factors to achieve success in exhibition stand design and build.
To succeed in the construction of customized stands is appealing that the stand builders have enough experience, so that the process can be considered practically handmade and its results depend on how specialized the technicians are, who should have the ability of working with highly technical materials and tools, and they must know perfectly their characteristics, behaviors, resistances, reactions and limitations.

Stand Construction

Customized stands
Customized stands, referring to those that are manufactured specifically for a project, in other words, custom-made. This kind of structures presents a lot of advantages, both for the client, for the designer and for the technical team, since they are characterized by being exclusive and unique, and each of its parts is specially designed, manufactured and produced only for that project. Stand builders, during the production process for custom-made stands find that it is much more complex and itrequires great preparation and professionalism throughout the work process, from design to disassembly, through the phases of production, manufacturing, assembly and monitoring the work.
Modular or prefabricated stands
Modular stands, are usually simpler solutions since, in general, they represent a reinforcement system because they are prefabricated. Modular stands are mainly manufactured using aluminum profiles and usually present standard measurements. These solutions give much less flexibility to both stand suppliers and customers and greatly reduce the possibilities of applying creativity and originality in the result. Although there are different models, sizes and shapes the end result ends up being much more homogeneous than the others, therefore, if what the company wants is to surprise or stand out from the others, we do not recommend using this type of solution for the exhibition stand design. On the other hand, this solution has some benefits, such as the price or the easy way of setting them up.
The setting up of modular stands is simple and is based on the assembly of aluminum parts. The creativity of the design will depend on each proposal, but generally modular stand building presents aesthetic limitations and making them stand out is much more complicated due to its standardization. That’s the reason why, as professional stand builders, we wouldn’t recommend choosing this kind of solution if the intention of the customer is to stand out from its competitors or make a difference as a leading company.

Successful examples

There are many examples that show the quality of our professional team’s work. We are not only stand builders, but we also help our clients to reinforce their corporate image through creative, original and perfectly executed projects.
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