südback – Trade Fair for the Bakery and Confectionery Trades


Trade fair for bakery and confectionery

The Südback is one of the most coveted and most important trend fairs for the bakery and confectionery trade in Germany. It is the hub for the exchange of ideas, opinions and information as well as for the presentation of trends, developments and technical innovations. The baker's trend forum, the confectioners' trend forum and the south back trend award are extremely popular. The high quality of the forum lectures and the demonstration baking attract many trade visitors. Innovative product developments are honored in terms of technology, design and concept with the Südback Trend Award.

Industry sector

Food Processing and Packaging Machinery (industry 61), Hotel and Catering, Shop Fittings (industry 33), Food, Beverage and Luxury Foodstuff (industry 24)

Main product group

Baking Agents, Baking Ovens, Bakery Products, Bakery Equipment, Bakery Machinery, Special-Purpose Clothing, Factory Equipment, Cafe Furnishings, Services, Labelling Machines, Delicatessen Foods, Catering Supplies, Hygiene, Coffee, Cash Systems, Refrigeration Technology, Confectioner's Equipment, Confectionery, Shop Construction, Shop Fittings, Lighting Technology, Dairy Products, Basic Materials, Chocolate, Software, Icecream, Deep-frozen Food Products, Sales Promotion, Packaging Material, Packaging Technology


Trade visitors


October 2023

Interval: annually

Organiser:Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH