Südwest Messe – Exhibition for industry, trade, craft, housekeeping and agriculture – Building trade show and HausBauPark

Anniversary in a small circle without the hustle and bustle of the trade fair: a few years after the war - from June 3 to 19, 1950 - the first trade fair took place in Schwenningen. 70 years ago it was still called "Southwest Issues". It was called the industrial, commercial and commercial exhibition and was associated with the building exhibition of social housing. As today, exhibitors offered a wealth of tried and tested and innovative products. The first special show was devoted entirely to the topic of "construction" and showed maintenance and expansion in road, bridge and hydraulic engineering after the war in what was then the state of Württemberg-Hohenzollern, to which the city of Schwenningen belonged. More about the history of the Südwest Messe can be found in a chronicle, which is available free of charge from the exhibition management's office.

Long missed, now back: The Südwest Messe, the region's showcase, is coming from June 11th to 19th as a smaller, compact special edition with a focus on building, craft and energy. So here house builders, home designers, craftsmen, idea collectors, gardeners, visionaries and mobilists are in the right place!

Industry sector: General Trade Fairs for Consumers (industry 04)
Main product group: Building and Construction, Living, Interior Construction, Housekeeping, Nourishment, Health, Apparel (Garment), Cosmetics, Leisure, Agriculture, Environmental Engineering, Building Machines, Building Utensils, Vehicles, Transport Equipment
Access: Trade visitors and general public


June 2023

Interval: annually


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