Swiss Classic World

The SWISS CLASSIC WORLD was created because there had never been a classic car event in Switzerland where vehicles were the focus of interest.But that certainly doesn't mean that there aren't many other fantastic, exciting and also authentic classic car events in Switzerland ! According to the SCW initiators, however, there has not yet been a trade fair in Switzerland that is based on the well-known and established events, for example in Stuttgart, Essen or Padua.


We see and understand each other as

1.a trade fair event that has to serve the entire classic car scene and its needs and requirements and should therefore be authentic.

2.a trade fair event that focuses on quality and not quantity and thus takes into account the conditions and requirements in the Swiss market.

3.a trade fair event that has occupied a free niche in the field of Swiss classic car events - we are therefore complementary to what already exists and not a competitor.

It will certainly take time and patience before we can do all this to the satisfaction of all protagonists. However, we are firmly convinced that this can be achieved with the help of everyone involved.

In addition, the Lucerne Exhibition Center has recently offered a very impressive, ultra-modern infrastructure in the heart of Central Switzerland. In Lucerne, both exhibitors and visitors can use what are probably the most modern and attractive exhibition halls and the most user-friendly access routes to a Swiss exhibition site. And in addition to visiting the trade fair, you can also take advantage of a large number of other attractive tourist offers and opportunities - Lucerne and Central Switzerland offer a setting that other trade fair organizers envy us for.


CATEGORY A(in the hall)CHF 58/ m2

CATEGORY B(in the hall)CHF 52/ m2

CATEGORY C(Club Booth)CHF 4.00/ m2

CATEGORY D(Parts/only hall 3 ground floor/stand area 3x2.5m)

CHF 175,-/each

CATEGORY E(Open space between hall 3 gallery/stand area 3x2.5m)

CHF 155,-/each

CATEGORY F(outdoor area/between Hall 2 and 4/stand area 3x2.5m)

CHF 135,-/pc.

CATEGORY G(outdoor area)CHF 95,-/ day & space


Vehicles (Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Motorcycles, Caravans, Parts and Accessories) (industry 28)

MAIN PRODUCT GROUP: Oldtimer, Oldtimerparts, Services, Accessories, Trade

ACCESS: Trade visitors and general public


May 2023

Interval: annually


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