TECMA (within FSMS)-International Town Planing and Environment Week

The national and international markets have their own space at TECMA. The fair is aimed at professional groups who wish to obtain a detailed view of the market in elements such as rubbish containers and urban waste. Recycling companies are also strongly represented at this fair with all developments in this field in the market, especially with regard to industrial recycling.

In order to provide updated and real-time responses to urban problems, TECMA 2018 also focused on promoting and disseminating services, products and innovation processes, both technological and social, creating a new space called TECMA VERDE where companies and organizations were able to count on their main innovative projects that help design more sustainable cities with a better quality of life for their inhabitants. In this way, TECMA 2018 once again were confirmed as the reference appointment for companies, organizations and municipalities in the fields of urban environment, climate change, circular economy and innovation.

TECMA is part of the ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY FORUM, FSMS, whose third call is organized by IFEMA from June 13 to 15, 2018. This FORUM is also integrated by the 6th edition of the International Recovery and Recycling Fair, SRR; the 3rd Salon of Professional Cleaning and Hygiene, ESCLEAN; the 3rd ENVIFOOD Meeting Point, and the third FORUM OF THE CITIES OF MADRID.


City Sanitation, Water Technology, Waste Disposal, Public Services (industry 45)


Municipal Services, Street Lighting, Data Processing Installations, City Planning, Sport Centre Construction, Municipal Cleaning, Slaughter-House Waste Disposal, Environment Protection, Transport Facilities, Water Technology, Sewage Water Technology, Waste Disposal, Security Systems, Green Areas Construction, Leisure Facilities, Building Restoration, Maintenance, Waste Incineration Plants, Recycling, Waste Utilization, Water Treatment, Services

ACCESS: Trade visitors


June 2024

Interval: every two years


IFEMA Institucion Ferial de Madrid