The International Travel Goods Show

A one-of-a-kind show — the largest of its kind, spotlighting state-of-the-industry products in the singularly unique setting of Las Vegas: The Travel Goods Show is the place to find the products you want to show your customers, the latest and greatest in gear to make their travels more comfortable, efficient, streamlined, tech-friendly and fun. It is a show that goes behind the scenes with industry professionals, movers and shakers and travel enthusiasts who know that a journey — whether of a thousand steps or a single step — begins with the right travel gear.

Over the last 80 years, travel has certainly evolved. In the late 1930s, travel goods were mainly comprised of leather trunks and suitcases. In November 2000 the Luggage & Leather Goods Manufacturers of America (LLGMA) officially became the Travel Goods Association (TGA). The name change was a testament to the continually changing, expansive world of products we now use when we travel.Today’s Travel Goods Show is still the largest exhibition of travel products in the world.

For visitors: you can read all about a new product and all its bells and whistles, but that’s no substitute for getting that in-person industry insider look. And, sure, you can watch a video recap of the Show, but that can’t replace the energy and excitement — the pure buzz — of being on the showroom floor, touching the product, connecting with people, and recharging your batteries.

For exhibitors: Your opportunity to show off your products in person to targeted, qualified buyers, to be part of what the future of travel looks like, right now. It happens only once a year — at the world’s biggest and most comprehensive Travel Goods Show.

Industry sector: Leather, Leather Goods, Shoes (industry 50)
Main product group: Suitcases, Leather Goods, Travel-Goods, Handbags, Bags
Access: Trade visitors

2-3 February 2023

Interval: annually


TGA Travel Goods Association