TRUSTECH (incorporating CARTES Secure Connexions)

TRUSTECH is the international event dedicated to Payments, Identification and Security.

A popular mix of trade show and conference, TRUSTECH showcases the latest hardware and technologies involved in the markets related to Payments, Identification and Security.

A global marketplace, the show floor features a comprehensive panel of international exhibitors, sponsors and startups presenting their latest innovations, product launches and solutions on their stand, or through lively pitch sessions on the innovation stage located at the heart of the event.

There are three sectors of technology that TRUSTECH conferences explore, question and hypothesize about what lies ahead for consumers, companies and organizations. Those components are identity, security and payment.

The meeting place for the entire industry. is the crossroad of technology, bringing together exhibitors, participants and speakers from all over the world to analyze the latest digital trends.  TRUSTECH is more than 8000 participants, 200 exhibitors and sponsors and 30 international partners.

And it offers an inspiring conference programme delivered by a panel of international experts and opinion leaders who will share their insights on the top trending topics of the industry.



Information and Communication Technology, Software (industry 42)


Magnetic Cards, Identification Systems, payment systems

ACCESS: Trade visitors




November 2022

Interval: annually