wildlife.fair-The Event for hunting and nature

The innovative idea behind wildlife.fair is to provide an inspiring atmosphere, premium products and plenty of enthusiasm for nature in a state-of-the-art setting.‘Worlds of experience’ in the state-of-the-art exhibition halls will encourage participants to learn and try things out for themselves. The Traders’ Hall, with a rich mix of both leading brands and newcomers, promises a fascinating shopping experience. The high point of the event is a congress for stakeholders and ambitious nature and hunting enthusiasts. The organizer of the congress is the Bavarian Hunting Association, organizer of the public show is NürnbergMesse.

At the heart of the wildlife.fair is a completely new exhibition concept that combines experience, shopping and information and is unique in this form. In specially created ‘worlds of experience’, visitors can obtain in-depth information on specific topics and extensively test suitable products. A further state-of-the-art exhibition hall focuses on the shopping experience.

For the first time, a cross-border congress covers the topics of wildlife, environment and nature and creates a dialog platform for all stakeholders. In this way, the BJV creates an important dialogue platform for representatives from science and politics as well as multipliers and stakeholders from the fields of hunting, nature and the environment. The overarching aim of the congress on the main topic " Habitat ‘Field’ " is to impart knowledge at a high level. The congress is organized by the the Bavarian Hunting Association (BJV)  in cooperation with the Bavarian Academy for Hunting and Nature.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Sporting Goods (industry 74), Leisure, Hobby, DIY (industry 31)


Arms, Firearm Components, Ammunition, Apparel (Garment), Gifts, Outdoor Fashion, Hunting Equipment, Hunting Knives, Shot Guns, Optical Instruments, Silviculture, Forest Renewal, Forest Care, Forest Protection, Environment Protection, dogs, Sports Weapons, Professional Literature, Leather Goods, Foodstuff, Vehicles, Travel, Bow Shooting, Traditional Fashion

ACCESS:Trade visitors and general public



NEW DATE: 2023

Interval: annually


NürnbergMesse GmbH