World of Technology & Science-Treffpunkt für Technologie

WoTS was created in 2014 by merging three leading trade fairs, namely HET Instrument, Aandrijftechniek and Industrial Processing. HET Instrument has been organized since 1956 and the Aandrijftechniek and Industrial Processing trade fairs also have a long history. The combination of these trade fairs creates concrete benefits for both exhibitors and visitors.

Visitors from industry, laboratories, healthcare and science are given the opportunity to visit a strong and broad range of technology in one location at one location.

Worlds of technology and science come together during WoTS 2022. The integration of qualities is of crucial importance for the visitors. The exhibitors and the industries involved will each have their own identity in five distinctive worlds: World of Automation, World of Laboratory, World of Electronics, World of Motion & Drives and World of Industrial Processing.

With this division, the branches get their own identity, exhibition program and they focus on their own visitor target groups with interactive exhibition projects and appealing and current seminar topics.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Technologies, Inventions, Innovations (industry 78)


Laboratory Technology, Automation, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Gears and Drives Technology, Industrial Automation, Robotics

ACCESS: Trade visitors and general public


September 2024

Interval: every two years


FHI Federatie van Technologiebranches